Laptop Won’t Detect Monitor? Here’s How To Fix It

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Most of them are upgrading their devices to get a feel of the new upgraded versions of the YouTube application. Some of the users are listening to the audio part, but there is no video or image on the player. Clearing the cache and resetting the browsers do not work. If you’ve not yet found such a weird problem with the website, it’s not that you’ll never face this problem with YouTube player. So, it is good to know the things that can be done in order to play the YouTube videos. YouTube not working problem is quite annoying for people who have been used to this platform. Sometimes YouTube is working on Chrome, the most popular browser, while sometimes YouTube is not playing on IE, Edge and all other browsers in Windows 10.

  • Wait for 30 seconds, restart the app and check the results.
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  • Disabling the extension “SmartVideo For YouTube” solved my problem.

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Re: WoW unable to start up 3D Acceleration

If you are still facing the same error, then you can check-in at Warcraft’s support. Later on, it will produce the list of outdated drivers that are required to be updated. Now that you have reset the World of Warcraft to default using the Blizzard tool, you should be free from the error that is annoying you. If refreshing the settings has not made any change, then you can move on to another method.

Solution 6: Disable Integrated Intel Graphics

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