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Are produced by cold rolling of HR Strips in Cold Rolling Mills . CR Strips/sheets are characterised by lower thickness, better/bright finish, closer dimensional tolerance and specific mechanical/metallurgical properties. They are directly used in automobiles (cars/ scooters, motorcycles etc.), white goods, consumer durable etc. or for production of coated sheet products.

In the money supply statistics, central bank money is M0 while the commercial bank money is divided up into the M1 and M3 components. M2 and M4 components also include Post-Office deposits as well. This question of converting cubic meters to liters usually comes to one’s mind when measuring the capacity or volume of something. So before you directly jump to the conversion of both these units, let’s understand their origin, relationship, usage, and difference. Indian Coking Coal found in Gondwana belt (Bihar &West Bengal region) has very high ash (17% or more) and poor rank and other properties, which results in lower productivity and higher coke consumption in blast furnace. Assam coking coals though, are low in ash have very high sulphur which limits their use in iron making in blast furnace.

m3 meaning

Banks are required to report such classification on the basis of the position as at close of business at September 30 and March 31 instead of as at end-June and as at end-December as done hitherto. Measure of the money supply is less liquid than the M2 measure. It is because its components are more of a store-of-value than readily acceptable for exchange. This measure reflects almost all the cash in circulation, with both the public and financial institutions. When a currency note of a particular denomination ceases to be legal tender, the central bank’s liabilities are reduced to that extent and also the amount of currency in circulation declines.

Importance of money supply

Terms like Narrow Money and Broad Money are also used to denote money supply. For different calculations, different components are included as ‘money’. L3 – L2 + + Public deposits of non-banking financial companies.

L2 – L1 + +Term deposits with term lending institutions and refinancing institutions + Term borrowing by FIs + Certificates of deposit issued by FIs. Call money rate is the rate at which short term funds are borrowed and lent in the money market. With versatile experience in content writing, Saranga believes in exploring different domains. Her pen doesn’t just craft words, she is a poet when adored and an artist when bored. The international system of units is the unit system of a cubic meter.

NNML of the banking sector includes NNML of the Reserve Bank and that of other banks. Currency in circulation’ includes notes in circulation, rupee coins and small coins. Rupee coins and small coins in the balance sheet of the Reserve Bank of India include ten-rupee coins issued since October 1969, two rupee-coins issued since November 1982 and five rupee coins issued since November 1985. Currency with the public is arrived at after deducting cash with banks from total currency in circulation, as reported by RBI.

Terms Related To ‘IRON ORE’:

Depending upon the level of maturity/metamorphism, coal is classified under 3 main categories namely, Lignite/Brown Coal, Bituminous Coal, Anthracite Coal. Production/availability of lumps is limited by virtue of the natural occurrence and also because of generation of lot of fines during crushing of large lumps present in the run-of -mines. A naturally occurring mineral from which iron metal is extracted in various forms viz Hot metal/ DRI etc.

Now that you have understood the formula, let’s understand it better with the help of some examples. Also, these examples will make the conversion process easier for you. DefinitionCubic meter is derived from the SI unit of the system and is used to measure the volume of a cube with edges, like a piece of wood. Heat resistant bricks/ shapes/ monolithic mass used for construction/ lining of reaction vessels/ furnaces. Common varieties are Silica, Magnesite, Dolomite, Alumina, Fire-clay, Mag-carbon, Mag-chrome etc. This is measured in Kgs of BF Coke consumed per tonne of Hot Metal produced in the Blast Furnace (Kg/THM).

m3 meaning

It is the hot, liquid, metallic iron product obtained upon reduction of iron ore . It contains about 93-94% Iron and other elements/impurities like Carbon (4%), Silicon (~1%), Manganese (+1%) Sulphur, Phosphorus etc. Hot metal is the primary input for production of steel in the Integrated Steel Plants.

Another name it is known by is Fiat money which means that currency and coins serve as a medium of exchange on the government orders. It is anything that people exchange for obtaining their basic requirements such as food and shelter etc. Money also adds to the efficiency of an economy by enabling smooth financial transactions. Thus, determining the flow of money in the economy is crucial for boosting macroeconomic performance. This means that the money the public hold in hand or in the bank is a debt guaranteed by the government . The currency thus represents a ‘public debt’ owed by the government to the holders of the banknotes – the public.

What is a Cubic Meter?

‘Bankers’ deposits with the Reserve Bank’ represent balances maintained by banks in the current account with the Reserve Bank mainly for maintaining Cash Reserve Ratio and as working funds for clearing adjustments. ‘Other’ Deposits with the Reserve Bank, for the purpose of monetary compilation, include deposits from m3 meaning foreign central banks, multilateral institutions, financial institutions and sundry deposits net of IMF Account No.1. ‘Net Reserve Bank credit to Government’ includes the Reserve Bank’s credit to Central as well as State Governments. The Reserve Bank’s claims on banks include loans to the banks including NABARD.

  • Means a Trailer used for carriage of goods and having a Gross vehicle Weight not exceeding .75 tons.
  • Depending on their form/type, they are classified as Heavy Melting Scrap, Light Melting Scrap, Turnings/borings etc.
  • Net foreign exchange assets of the banking sector comprise the RBI’s net foreign exchange assets and the net foreign currency assets of the banking system.
  • Analyzing the money supply from time to time helps economists to develop appropriate fiscal policies.
  • ‘Net Reserve Bank credit to Government’ includes the Reserve Bank’s credit to Central as well as State Governments.
  • Most members have designated their central banks as both the depository as well as the financial agency.

These are CR Sheets/ Strips coated with an alloy comprising of approx. Uses are similar to that of GP/GC sheets but it has better life and much better high temperature performance. Hot rolled plain bar/rods (i.e. without indentation) in Coil Form, normally used to produce Steel Wires and at times Steel Bright Bars. Hot rolled round bars/rods with indentations/ribs normally supplied in straight length or in folded bundles.

Since ash content in Indian coal is very high, washing is resorted to lower the ash content to some extent. However, Indian coals are notorious with respect to its Washability because the ash / inerts are fairly and finely distributed in the coal matrix thereby rendering washing difficult. Coking coals are those varieties of coal which on heating in the absence of air undergo transformation into plastic state, swell and then re-solidify to give a Cake. On quenching the cake results in a strong and porous mass called coke. Natural coal in general is too dense and/or fragile and has limited use as a fuel/reductant in metallurgical plants like Blast Furnace. However, some specific varieties of natural coal find direct application in other metallurgical operations (such as Corex Plant, Coal Dust Injection/Pulverised Coal Injection in Blast Furnace etc.).

New Monetary Aggregates

From 1977 to 1998, RBI used four monetary aggregates – M1, M2, M3 and M4 – to measure money supply. You can also check the formula described below to understand the conversion procedure of cubic meters to liters and liters to cubic meters. Rolling of Steel at above the re-crystallisation temperature of steel to produce Hot Rolled Long products/Flat Products from semis. Rolling Mills used for hot rolling are known as Hot Rolling Mills. It is because the savings deposits with the post office saving banks are not as easy to convert into cash.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

It is the base level for the money supply or the high-powered component of the money supply. Money supply includes deposits generated in the banking system resulting from a multiplier effect of movement of currency in the banking system as well as other forms of liquid assets. As money supply is connected with ‘circulating money’, only the highly-liquid forms of money like currency and bank deposits are usually considered. L1 – NM3 + All deposits with the post office savings banks .

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